How Are Skin Tags Formed

The Beginning Skin Tags

Skin tags is usually a growth on a person’s skin. The appearances of skin tags on species are usually soft, but it is quite harmless to your health. However, it can be irritating in your eyes since you might think that it is a deformity. Luckily, there are ways on how to remove a skin tags. Here are some that you can surely apply.

There are nonsurgical procedures on how to remove a skin tags. These methods can be easily done right into your home. Just remember to practice proper hygiene in removing it. Now, to make it easier for you, here are the home remedies in eliminating it.


Skin tags formed

Duct tape – Using a duct tape can remove your skin mole or tag. Simply purchase a duct tape and place it in your tag. Wait for a few days until the duct tape comes off naturally. You can see the difference once the tape has gone off since your tag will stick to it.
Scissors – Scissors are quite effective but in a way painful. Well, don’t be bothered by the pain it can give you since it will only last for a few seconds. Cut the acrochordon using the scissors and gently dab it using alcohol to prevent infection.
Thread – You can also use any thread. This is applicable if the skinis quite “bumpy.” Get the thread and tie it on tag of yours. Again, you got to wait for a few days until the tag loosens and it will eventually go off on your skin.
Castor oil – Castor oil is also an effective remedy for removing skin moles. Simply combine castor oil with baking soda and apply the mixture in the affected area of your skin. Apply the mixture three times a day for two to three days. You can see the results once the tag dries off.