Large & Tiny Skin Tags On Body



If you are plagued with large or small skin tags, I know that you are afraid that others will notice them and that you will be ostracized. Perhaps you have tried supposedly simple remedies for getting rid of these ugly blemishes only to notice that others were starting to surface. Wouldn’t it be nice to wake someday and to look into the mirror to notice that they were all gone and that your skin was once again blemish free? You will be able to experience this wonderful feeling because I will explain what skin tags are and how to deal with them.

What are those ugly lumps of excess skin?

Many people have these skin blemishes, but only a few people know what they are. These ugly pieces of skin are growths that are usually around 2 cm in size. They vary in appearance. Some large or small skin tags are flat while others are rounded. Most of them are attached to the main skin by a peduncle, which is a stalk-like piece of skin. They can be found all over the human body this includes on the neck, chest, armpit, groin, and much more.

The cause of tags is not clearly known. They are often mistaken for moles, but they are totally different. Some people think that they are a form of cancer. What these people should know is that large or small skin tags what ever size they might be are usually safe and harmless, and the only real reason to remove them is for aesthetic reasons or because they are located in an area where they can be easily irritated.

Small Skin Tags


Can you get rid of them?

There is no reason for people with tags to become scared or paranoid about their condition. If they do want to get rid of their tags on their own, then what they can do is to go to a dermatologist and have them removed through medical procedures.

Nevertheless, there are some effective ways to remove tags at home. You should avoid trying to cut or pull off large or small skin tags because you can easily introduce infection to the skin. The best way to remove big or small skin tags at home is through the use of herbal and natural remedies.

Are you trying out sometimes painful ways to get rid of your large or small skin tags on your own? I know how painful and ineffective some methods can be since I have tried them all.